Safety and health are vital components that allow PDM to perform at high levels of workmanship. Our safety program is comprehensive in scope and in execution. All carpenter foreman are 30 hour OSHA trained and First Aid certified. Many in our team are NOAA Rigging and Signaling certified as well.

In addition to certifications, our full-time Safety Director conducts weekly onsite safety audits, trains and retrains our team, and constantly monitors jobsite safety. Our team is required to wear personal safety items such as hardhats, eye protection glasses, highly visible apparel, and cut-resistant gloves.

Our Zero Tolerance policy allows us to have less downtime, higher productivity, and most importantly, safe and healthy teammates.

Often forgotten or unmentioned is the safety of our customers and surrounding pedestrians. We strive to have our team accident-free, but most importantly we practice safe working conditions to keep other trades, on-site visitors, and nearby pedestrians safe from our sometimes dangerous work.